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fully operational wind-up child


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fully operational wind-up child.

name : Rico.   series : Gunslinger Girl.   age : 13, appears 11.   species : Modified human cyborg.   weapons : SVD Dragunov sniper rifle.   CZ75 pistol. Beretta SCP-70/90.   Galil MAR carbine.   Benelli M4 super 90 shotgun.   MG3 multipurpose machine gun.

player contact : Matcha.
ochazuki   aim : matcha chawan.
msn : suzu_no_komoriuta [at] hotmail [dot] com.
gmail / gchat : matchazuki [at] gmail [dot] com.
RETIRED RP journal for adstringendum
days of perpetual ignorance.
Before Rico became Rico, she was a little girl confined to sterile walls and starchy hospital sheets. As a chronic fatigue patient with disfigured limbs, she was kept on a respirator, bedridden her entire life. As a result, she was completely ignorant of the world outside. Her pitiful state caused rifts between her parents, because even though her mother desperately wanted her to live, her father could no longer stand the financial burden she posed.

On her eleventh birthday, her parents signed custody over her to the Social Welfare Agency (SWA)--a government-funded agency that supposedly helped in rehabilitating children in need, but actually was a counter-terrorist military unit in disguise. SWA took the disfigured girl under their wing, and using highly advanced bionic technology, they rebuilt her body into something more than human--synthetic muscles, carbon fiber frame skeleton. With her new cyborg body, the SWA agent Jean gave her a new name and became her "fratello"--brother, handler, center of universe--and even though that name, "Rico", was a boy's, Rico was content.
her blind devotion.
Rico trained under Jean to become one of the SWA's Section 2 assassins. She was not treated kindly--rather, Jean saw her more as a tool than as a human and often abused her, both physically and verbally, and kept her on high doses of conditioning. The conditioning the Section 2 girls received brainwashed them into following orders completely, and Rico is no exception. She fulfills her orders to the dot of an 'i', going so far as to kill innocent bystanders remorselessly if Jean instructs her to do so. As example happens when SWA infiltrates a hotel, and Rico is sent to assassinate someone. Having been ordered to shoot anyone who sees her, she shoots a young boy who she befriended only hours earlier, with a soft smile and a quiet apology. However, despite all this, Rico is a bad liar and even acknowledges that fact, mostly leaving the lying to Jean.

Rico's role in missions is usually that of back-support: she is often seen sniping from afar. Her arsenal includes an SVD Dragonuv sniper rifle, a CZ75 pistol, a Beretta SCP-70/90, a Galil MAR carbine, a Benelli M4 super 90 shotgun, and an MG3 multipurpose machine gun. Usually, her weapons are concealed in an Amati violin case while traveling. Like the other Section 2 girls, Rico has unusually quick reflexes, heightened strength, and heightened resilience to physical damage and pain--when Jean strikes her, she does not suffer from the physical pain as much as the emotional scars from when he berates her. Rico's prosthetics do require maintenance after taking extensive damage, and her weakest point is her eye--a bullet can easily pierce through her eye and destroy her brain, which is the only unprotected portion of her body.
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